Billing is Shipping: Simple Carding Secret Exposed 2024

Billing is Shipping

Since you are a carder, it’s always a good idea to be aware of the security measures that payment providers have in place.

One such measure is to check whether the cardholder’s location matches the:

Billing address = the physical address of the cardholder, WCC always supplies you with this.
Shipping address = your drop address where the package will be delivered. (what is a drop address?)

Physical Items

When carding physical items, shipping location can make or break your carding attempt. Many online stores, such as Amazon, Apple, Walmart and more check to see if the cardholder country matches the shipping address country.

This is why carders use the billing=shipping method: so that the cardholder’s country matches the shipping address country and there is less chance of the order being cancelled. So if you are carding physical items, it pays off to pay attention to where your cc is located for a successful carding attempt!

Carding Digital Items/Money Transfers/Cryptocurrencies

When carding money transfers or cryptocurrencies, it doesn’t really matter since there is no shipping address; matching up the cardholder’s IP to their country of origin is usually enough.

So carders, remember to be mindful of cc location when carding physical items! It could mean the difference between a successful carding attempt and a failed one. Happy carding! 😉

Update: Billing = Shipping Bypass


don’t worry – there is an easy way to bypass this: simply tick the ‘send as gift’ box when checking out. If the site gives you an option to write a gift message, even better! That way, the payment provider no longer has any incentive to do its usual billing = shipping security check.

billing is shipping gift

Another benefit of sending as a gift is that receiving your package won’t seem like such a big crime anymore – anyone could have sent it! So next time you card online, remember this simple trick and you’ll be carding like a pro in no time.

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