PointPay Crypto Carding Method 2024

What’s the point in paying for Cryptocurrencies? Just card them!

Pointpay is a popular cryptocurrency exchange with 3 million active users globally. Its lack of security focus means that every non-vbv card fullz transaction successfully gets through, making it a prime choice for carding.

Welcome to the Pointpay Crypto Carding Method!

Let’s get straight to the point: We’ve got everything you need below. There’s a video tutorial for our hands-on folks and a text tutorial for our book-smart crew!
Ready to card the dip?


  • Obtain a NonVbv CC from **wcc-plug.cm** or **pluscards.cm**.
  • Make sure the NonVbv CC comes with all personal information (fullz).
  • Use a Proxy, VPN, or RDP that matches the CC holder’s location.
  • Set up a crypto wallet to receive the coins. Recommended: bluewallet.
  • Check the card balance before use. Learn more here.

PointPay Crypto Carding Method video

Ready to master the PointPay carding method? We’ll point out all details in this video! From registering and verifying your account, buying BTC with your non-VBV fullz card from **wcc-plug.cm** or **pluscards.cm**, to cashing out to your personal crypto wallet—let’s navigate this together!

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