WCC OTP Bot, SMS Gateway: Order Tracking + Bypass Verification.

Hey there, checking out some top-notch OTP bots? The must-haves in the market are Carding Genie OTP bot, WCC OTP BOT, and Pluscards OTP BOT, These three are rock-solid at snagging those one-time passwords (OTPs) for VBV cardholders. Dive in as we show you how to work the wcc-plug.cm OTP bot to slide through cards with 3D/2FA security. Let’s roll! 🚀

If you are carding using proxies, you can easily change location in order to visit a certain site but what about the phone number you will use to register. It’s expensive to buy a single phone number and only use it once. Also, most free sites offering online SMS verification got many users and its also hard to find a phone number which has not been used.

Carding phone number service button

To help you out, wcc has a bunch of phone numbers in different countries. They’re not free for everyone because wcc covers the costs. You can use the numbers if you’re a wcc user who bought something or has credit on our site.


  • Service site – Take note of the website you want to use the number in e.g. paypal.com
    • Wcc Username – You will need to be an active wcc user with at least one purchase or balance on your account

For easy demonstration, I will register Amazon.com using wcc’s SMS gateway. Also, since you can also register one phone number once to a site, we will save this number for you so you can use it for the site you registered whenever you want. This will help you if for example the site sends otp to verify sign in.

Site: htttps://www.bitrefill.com


Like I mentioned, you must be a wcc user to use this service, so the first step is to show you how to register

Create a WCC Free Account

Go to https://wcc-plug.cm and create a new account, fill your email and create password.

Account creation is free but make sure you top up your account in a day to avoid suspension. 

sms otp bot

Once you have created account, head to services and select phone number service

We have just created the account and we don’t have any balance, to access this service, we need to have topped up. Using the SMS service is free and won’t deduct any balance from your funds.

Top Up Your Account

Now we have an account, next we will add btc to our account, you can use the funds to buy fullz, bank logs, get drop address etc.

Go to balance tab

Carding balance

Currently We have 0, just hit Add Funds button and you will be presented with supported cryptos to add.

Add funds wcc

I have a bitcoin wallet and got some btc I can add to the site, So I chose bitcoin. Next, we will be offered with and address to send to.

Just copy the address and send the minimum as stated in the instructions. In my case, it was $150.

Send your crypto and click on I have paid button

Explorer WCC-PLUG.CC

Once the transaction is verified on blockchain, you can check your wallet for confirmations and once you receive 2 confirmations or more, your wcc balance top-up will be confirmed and added

Carding confirmed wcc

Now when you visit your balance tab, you will find your balance added and currency in USD. Now you can use this balance to buy anything offered in the site.


You can also withdraw the balance, but not more than half. But the best way is to buy fullz and Cashout into btc. You can visit cardingsecrets.is to check some of the best Cashout methods

Visit Site to register using phone

Now as I mentioned earlier, I will be using amazon to demonstrate how to use the SMS methods in wcc

I will be using the US version since I will be using the phone number in the US. First, I will register with email and password and later I will add a phone number

sign in wcc-plug.cm
Create account WCC

This info is from a fullz I got on wcc, the email I created using a free service. This is easy and just hit create account to proceed

There will be an otp sent to your email to verify it. So just copy and paste in the input field.

verify mail wcc

Getting the phone number from WCC

Next Amazon will ask for a phone number to verify. We’ll go Back to wcc and to services again and since we already have topped up our account, we can use the 20 SMS verification offered daily for free

Getting phone number

Next select from supported countries the phone number you want, I will choose US phone number

carding phone number

When you click on the United States name, A button for select country will popup and just hit the button

Next click on generate button which will pop up when you click select country


The system will generate a phone number with location details which you can use to register you site with


Make sure to type the service name in the input field and verify. This will check if the phone has already been used to register the site and if true, you will be given a different number not registered with your service.

Continue registering Amazon

Now we have a phone number to use, we will go back to amazon and input the number

sms bot carding

Make sure You used proxies to match the country of the phone number you want to use.

Next, we click add mobile number and wait for the otp to be sent


Now when the otp is sent, you will get the otp in the wcc panel where you got the number. The otp is displayed as soon as it is sent by your service so you don’t have to wait a lot of time to prevent the otp that doesn’t long enough to expire

Now head back to wcc to copy the otp. The otp are listed in order as they are generated. In my case this is the first otp under amazon so it’s labelled otp1

OTP Carding

Just copy the otp and paste in your amazon asap since they don’t last long

add phone

Next hit create your amazon account and you will be redirected to your amazon dashboard


Now am logged in meaning the number worked. I will head to my account and see if its linked


The phone number is linked well and we can use to add 2fa and confirm our account with it anytime we want

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