Forbidden S̶E̶X̶ CEX BTC Carding Method 2024

Everybody loves SEX, but do you know what carders love even more?
The CEX BTC Carding Method!
Because who needs love when you’ve got Bitcoin!

CEX is easy to card and offers diverse cryptocurrencies.
Lets get started!


  • Obtain a NonVbv CC from **** or ****.
  • Make sure the NonVbv CC comes with all personal information (fullz).
  • Use a Proxy, VPN, or RDP that matches the CC holder’s location.
  • Set up a crypto wallet to receive the coins. Recommended: bluewallet.
  • Check the card balance before use. Learn more here.
Balance Checker: The card we are using has $2609.37 available balance

Cex BTC carding method video

In this video, we’ll show you the CEX BTC carding method. We’ll guide you through creating an account on CEX using the cardholder’s details, bypassing the verification process, and cashing out $1871 in Bitcoin!

CEX BTC carding method (Steps Listed)

  1. Go to CEX.IO

    go to cex io
  2. Click on Register
    register on cex
  3. Enter the fullz address details to create an account (+ an email address you can access)
    cex btc carding method create account
  4. Agree to the terms & click on “Create account”.
  5. Verify the verification code that has been mailed to you & tap on “Continue”.cex btc carding method verify mail
  6. Ok, to bypass verification: just enter the fullz cc info
  7. For phone number: use the same phone number as your fullz cc but change two to three numbers so it will look like you made a typo.
  8. For date of birth: enter the exact birth date as in the fullz cc log **** or ****.gave you.
  9. cex btc carding method verifiying
  10. Tap continue
  11. cex btc carding method 
  12. Tap on “Go to exchange”.
  13. Enter the amount
    cex btc carding method enter amount
    Click on “Buy Crypto Instantly”
  14. Click on “Select payment method”
    cex btc carding method select payment method
  15. Enter the cc fullz details (card number, exp date & for label enter the first name of cc holder)
    cex btc carding method add card
  16. Tap “Add Card”
  17. Enter your BTC address
    enter address proceed
  18. Click on “Proceed”.
  19. Let the transaction process (5-10 seconds)
    cex btc carding method process
  20. Transaction successful
    Transaction successfull
  21. You can track the carded crypto on the blockchain explorer by clicking on “Click to track”
  22. Open up your bitcoin wallet and watch the transaction appear

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