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Are you looking for a way to card Huawei products? Unfortunately, this huawei carding method does not work for carders in the USA due to sanctions against Chinese companies. But if you’re based anywhere else, you can use this effective carding technique to get your hands on the products you want! All you need to do is follow the steps outlined here and you’ll be a Huawei carding master in no time. get the Huawei products you need today!


  • A basic understanding of carding
  • A balance checked non vbv card from or is required (fullz)
  • Please connect to a VPN or proxy that is as close to the cardholder’s as possible
  • To bypass anti-carding protection, please create an email address using the cardholder’s name. For instance, if the cardholder’s name is Bart Adams, you can create an email address like [email protected] or Gmail. This email address will be used to send the track and trace information.

Huawei Carding Method Steps:

Go to

1 requirements and go to huawei site to select country

Go to & Select your Country

Choose a product category

2 choose product category

We are browsing the site to look like a regular customer (this builds cookies)

click buy

3 click buy

After finding the product you will be carding, click “buy”



Choose your Huawei product and customize it before adding to cart!

Tap on checkout

5 tap on checkout

Click checkout

enter mail click continue

Step 6 enter mail click continue

Enter the mail you created at the beginning of the tutorial and tap continue

Enter drop info

step 7 enter drop info untick same as shipping addresstap continue

Enter your shipping addres & untick “same as shipping address” & tap continue

Step 8 tap continue

Step 8 tap continue

Click continue

Enter cc info manually

step 9 enter cc info and tap order and pay

Enter the cc info from

Please type out the details rather than copying and pasting to avoid triggering anti-carding protection.

Payment processing

let the payment process 5 to 15 sec

If you followed the huawei carding method steps correctly, you’ll see a order confirmation within 15 seconds.

order confirmation

order confirmation

With these simple steps, The Huawei carding method has never been easier. We hope this guide has shown you how to do it quickly and safely. So what are you waiting for? Get out there and start carding now!

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