The end of Carding or just The beginning?

Bad news and good news for carders:

First the bad news:

Credit card anti-fraud technology has improved in 2023, but like always in this cat and mouse game between the banks and the cyber criminals (carders) who are constantly upgrading their tricks to master credit-card fraud; the carders too have been adapting.

Cyber criminals always find ways around any obstacle in order for them to cash out!

Carders are still managing to get away with it, despite the improvements in credit card security. 2-Factor authentication may have made things more difficult for them but they’re not being caught and getting rich so far!

If you are a regular visitor of you know how to avoid the 2-factor authentication.

Although there is another way to cashout cc’s in 2023: Automated Carding Software.

Recommended carding software:

Carding Genie is the world’s most advanced and sophisticated carding application. It uses Artificial Intelligence, which knows how to bypass anti-fraud detection systems so you can have an easier time cashing out credit cards!

How a new carder made over 100k with the carding genie software in a short time: FORUM POST (EZCARDER.RU FORUM)

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carding program
Official Carding Genie website:

The automated carding software makes carding much easier but dont be afraid, If you follow our carding methods correctly it is still possible to do the carding without Carding Genie.
Just check out our latest carding methods and follow the steps carefully.

To bypass the 2 step verification follow our manual on choosing the correct cars:

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