Bolt Rides Carding Method 2024


Use this bolt carding method to pay for rides in your app. You can simply swap your default payment method for a wcc card. Any purchase will come from the card and you can save your funds for other uses. The carding process is very easy, it’s just like using the app normally only this time you will use another person’s credit card for payments Use this method together with our other hotel and bookings to also pay for hotels with wcc cards.
Never pay for rides again using your card. Just link a wcc card to the account and make your future payments from the card. The card will last for several weeks before being blown out and you can add another one


  • Phone – You can use android or iPhone to download the app
  • Proxies – You can use proxies in your pc if you have them
  • Vpn – Use vpn in your phone or computer(recommended)
  • Phone number – Phone number to send sms to
  • Wcc-plug Account – Buy NonVbv CC from
  • Fullz – To avoid verification, use Fullz with all personal info

For easy carding, always use a card with all fullz info as it saves you time to get background info and speed up verification process


Register and buy fullz from wcc

Go to and create a new account or login if you already have account Use this direct link You just need email username and password to create account
Create Account and topup your account using any crypto in the website. Make sure you have enough balance for the next steps. Buy A USA  nonvbv Gold Card for this method then proceed to next steps

Create a new Bolt Account

Visit – the mobile version of the website or if you are using phone download the app. You will need a phone number to create the account. Make sure the phone number is valid and you can receive sms with it.

Next you will receive sms code to verify your number. Enter the 4-digit code you received to your
phone number. Create a password to finalize the account creation

Account Summary

Depending on the version of the app you are using, fill the required detail and create password as they request
You should have an account summary like these after completing

Add Credit Card

Click on payment and let’s add our credit card from the store. I have several cards I bought from the store and I will add all of them. In your case just add the one you got as long as its live. Make sure you
used balance checker from the wcc site when checking out.

Cards Summary

After add card button, if it is a live card with balance, it will be added. You will get a summary of the cards added and any other payment method available in your account. You should have one if you already added the card. I added several in my account

Now this means we have an account with a working linked payment option. We can now pay for rides as we want

Choose A Ride

Now choose a ride in which you want to attend to. You can choose any ride as you want. The rides really don’t charge much. Choose the right comfort for your as you are not using your card hence no worry

Depending on your comfort and luggage, choose the correct car you want. You can choose the best you find as they don’t cost much and your card should have a huge balance. So make yourself as comfortable as you can

Order Confirmation

Now if everything is as you want, you can confirm the order and request the cab. Hit the Confirm order button

Give the app time to request a new ride. Since your card is successfully linked and working. This
should work out fine and you should get a confirmation and information of your ride.

Ride Confirmed

Now your ride will be confirmed and you should just wait the indicated time for your cab to find you 

Continue Charging the Account

Use the card to pay for future rides as you want. The card should take several months in your app before it gets used up. This should save you a lot.

bolt rides carding method completed, congratulations.

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