Barber: Braun Carding Method 2024

In this carding method, you can become your own barber or the barber for others. I will explain how to card some expensive electric shavers for cheap. Lets start carding for a self-made fresh haircut .


  1. A non vbv card with fullz
  2. VPN or Proxy
  3. An email with the fullz
  4. Drop address

A non vbv card with fullz

When it comes to acquiring a non vbv cards with fullz, it’s advisable to rely on trustworthy sources like,, or Signing up for these platforms is easy and free.

Higher rank cards, such as gold cards, offer greater advantages compared to lower-tier cards. However, even with the carding method discussed here, lower-tier cards can still yield success. The choice depends on your desired product. If you’re looking to start a side hustle, like working your own barber shop, it’s recommended to opt for a gold or higher rank card.

VPN or Proxy

To maximize security during carding activities, it is essential for carders to prioritize the protection of their IP address. This can be achieved by utilizing a reliable VPN or Proxy service.

If possible, match the same the zip code and city as the location of the CC holder.


Barbers use Braun electric shavers because they are known for their high-quality performance and precision. These shavers have gained popularity among barbers for their reliability and ability to deliver professional results. So we card Braun products for this barber carding method.
Go to and register.


Go to the account button and sign up. Enter the name of the CC holder, use the email you made from the fullz and create a password.

Confirm the password, match the same zip as the zip from your CC holder and check reCAPTCHA. Click on submit.

Select your product

Note: Before you search for the product, make sure you used the balance checker from the site where you purchased the CC. Keep in mind, there could be some extra costs like, taxes or delivery.

When you found your product, select it, choose the quantity and add it to your cart.



Go to your cart and checkout.

Drop address

In this step, we enter our shipping address. Remember that our shipping address is our drop address. Enter the drop address information and uncheck the my billing address is the same as my shipping address.


Enter the billing address from the fullz of the CC holder and click on continue.


Choose credit card as payment method and Enter the card details of the purchased CC. Agree to the terms & conditions and place order.

barber carding method


It takes a couple of seconds, until you see your order confirmation.

Be your own barber

With this carding method you can be your own barber or your friends’ barber. You can even make a side hustle out of it, if you have the talent for it. Below are other carding methods that can help you with your skillz or upgrade the workspace:

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