Drone Carding Method 2024 convenient

This is a nice carding method, if you want good videos/photos from the air or want to have fun with flying the drone. It’s always convenient to have one. So lets card an expensive drone for cheap.


A non vbv card with fullz

I would recommend considering purchasing a non vbv card with fullz from respected sources such as wcc-plug.cm, carding-genie.cm, or pluscards.cm. It is advisable to opt for higher ranked cards, like the gold card, as they may be more costly but offer greater value. A lower CC may not be sufficient for carding a drone. Most of the time, gold cards or higher ranked cards have a minimum balance value of $1.3k.

VPN or Proxy

Every carder knows to hide the IP-address from the authorities. Use a Proxy or a VPN service. Go check your anonymous score on Whoer.net for using VPN and proxy6.net for using Proxy.

If it’s possible, match Zip and City with your CC holder.


DJI is a leading brand in the drone industry, specializing in developing drones for aerial photography and videography. I card a drone from their website. Go to dji.com.


Sign up to create a DJI account.

Enter the email you made from the fullz, Enter a password and re-enter the password. Check the reCAPTCHA and click on submit.

Your registration is successfull and you will return to previous page.

Select a drone

Note: Before you search, make sure you did use the balance checker from the site where you purchased the CC. Also keep in mind that there could be some extra costs, like Taxes or delivery.

Select the drone you want to card, choose the delivery state and click on shop now.


This will pop up, if you don’t want both of these. When you card a product, the product must be untraceable. So click on continue without coverage.


No view cart & Checkout.

Shipping address

Your shipping address is your drop address. Enter the drop address information.

Shipping method

For shipping method, choose express shipping. How faster the delivery, how more the chance of carding successfully.

Payment method

Choose credit card as payment method. Your billing address is NOT the same as your shipping information. Uncheck this.
Now match all the information with your purchased non vbv card with fullz.

Place order

Click on place order.


It takes couple of minutes, until you will receive an email about the order confirmation. If you go to your account and click on my orders, You will also see your order confirmation and details.

Check https://cardingkeys.is/ for more carding methods!

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