What is carding and how does it work on Abt.com?

Carding is the use of stolen credit card information to make online transactions. it’s crucial to understand the tools and tactics used. In this post, we discuss the carding oled television carding tutorial used on Abt.com.


Fullz Non-VBV Card:

Get a fullz non-VBV credit card from trusted sources like wcc-plug.cm or pluscards.cm

Privacy and anonymity with proxies and VPNs:

Customers should use proxies or VPNs to protect their identity and location. The Socks5 proxy is recommended for its enhanced security and anonymity, ensuring a safe shopping experience.

Credit Card Balance Checked Funds:

When purchasing, it’s crucial to check the credit card balance.

OTP bot phone number/burner email address:

A temporary email, or offers added security. For optimal protection, use a “burner number” or “OTP bot phone number.

Creating a Secure Connection:

  In order to conceal your true identity and location, you will need to link your proxy or virtual private network (VPN) to the location of the cardholder. Following these instructions will give the impression that you are a legitimate cardholder.

Make a purchase on Abt.com:

Go to Abt.com, an online shopping platform that has a large variety of products available for purchase. Select the things that you are interested in purchasing, such as an LG television set. Put the item you’ve chosen into your shopping cart.

The Checkout Procedure:

When checking out, provide certain information. Use a temporary email address for added security. Provide a temporary location for shipping and complete information for a bogus cardholder. Use a fake phone number for further safety. Click “Continue” to complete the purchase. Add a shipping address and input details for the card. Proceed to “Buy Now.”

Confirmation of Order and Delivery:

Once the purchase has been successfully completed, the order will be confirmed, and the item will be dispatched according to the delivery dates that were indicated.



By following the outlined procedures and using the suggested tools, you can achieve desired results. 

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