Segway Carding Method 2024 fun

Segways offer a thrilling and enjoyable way to get around. They provide a unique riding experience that can be a lot of fun. I will explain this carding method to you, so lets start carding a Segway.

What do we need?

  1. A non vbv card with fullz
  2. VPN or proxy
  3. An email with the fullz
  4. Drop address

A non vbv card with fullz

When buying a non vbv card with fullz, I suggest visiting, or It is recommended to choose the gold CC or a higher ranked card from either of these websites. A lower ranked card would not have enough balance to afford an expensive Segway, as most gold CCs have a minimum value of $1.3k.

Minimize risks

To minimize risks during carding, it is important to follow these steps:

  1. Hide your IP address by using a VPN or Proxy service.
  2. Confirm the validity by visiting
  3. If possible, ensure that the zip code and city align with the CC holders information.

Create an account

Go to

Create a new costumer account. Enter the CC holders information, use the email you made from the fullz and make/confirm a strong password. Click on create an account.

Select a Segway

Note: Before you search, make sure you did use the balance checker from the site where you purchased the CC. Keep in mind that there could be some extra costs, like Taxes or delivery.

When you found your Segway, add it to card.

Proceed to checkout.

Drop address

Now we need to enter the shipping address information. Your shipping address is your drop address. Enter all drop address information and click on next.


Choose credit card as payment.
Your billing and shipping address are NOT the same. The billing address is CC holders address. Match all info from your CC holder.

Update when you entered all fullz.

Now enter the card details from your purchased CC and place order.


It will take a couple of seconds until you will see your order confirmation. You will receive another email about track and trace, once your order is shipped.


Enjoy your carded Segway! For more enjoyable carding methods check the link below:

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