Protein Carding Method 2024 easy gains

I will explain, how to card protein or other supplements. If you want to become fit, or a beast or you are on a diet. Then this protein carding method is for you. Lets start carding and make gains!

What do we need?

  1. A non vbv card with fullz
  2. VPN or proxy
  3. An email with the fullz
  4. Drop address

A non vbv card with fullz

For purchasing a non vbv card with fullz, it is recommended to buy it from reliable sources like,, or While higher tier cards such as gold cards offer greater benefits, it is still possible to achieve success by using a lower tier card through this carding method. The level of success may vary depending on the specific product(s) you plan to card. So make an informed decision to maximize your gains.

Creating an account on one of these platforms is simple and free.

VPN or Proxy

To ensure maximum security in carding activities, carders should prioritize the protection of their IP address. It is highly recommended to use a trustworthy VPN or Proxy service.
If possible match the zip and city with the same location of your CC holder.

Optimum Nutrition

Before carding protein, we need a leading company that sells quality protein or other supplements. One of these big leading company’s in this market is Optimum Nutrition. Optimum Nutrition is a prominent company in the health supplements industry, known for its highly popular products available in the market especially the whey protein.

Create an account

Go to and click on sign in/ register.


Enter the name from your CC holder and use the email you made from the fullz.

Create and confirm a password. Accept privace policy and register.

Find your Protein

Note: Before selecting item(s), make sure you used the balance checker from the site where your bought your CC and keep in mind that there could be some extra costs like, taxes or delivery.

Search and select the item you want to cart.

When you have chosen Whey. Choose the flavor, size and quantity. Click on add to cart.

Go to your shopping cart and click on proceed to checkout.

Drop address

Note: Delivery address = Drop address.

Enter the drop address information and use the address finder.


For carding with more success, always choose the fastest delivery.
Enter the telephone number that is associated with your drop address and proceed to payment.

Billing address

Your delivery address is not the same as my billing address. Match all fullz from your CC holder and search for the address with the address finder. Click on use this address.

Add CC

Choose credit /debit card as payment method and enter all the card details from you CC holder. Agree to the privacy policy and click on place my order.


You will see the order confirmation after a couple of seconds.

More gains!

Good luck with maximizing your carding and muscle gains!

Follow the link below for Myprotein Carding Method 2023:

For sport carding methods >

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