OKX Crypto Carding Method Video: $2K BTC in 1 Minute

Discover the OKX Crypto Carding Method and snag $2,000 in Bitcoin in just a minute. This technique can level up your crypto game and skyrocket your earnings. Jump in and watch your BTC stash grow fast! 🎥💸


  • Obtain a NonVbv CC from **wcc-plug.cm** or **pluscards.cm**.
  • Make sure the NonVbv CC comes with all personal information (fullz).
  • Use a Proxy, VPN, or RDP that matches the CC holder’s location.
  • Check the card balance before use. Learn more here.
  • Set up a crypto wallet to receive the coins. Recommended: bluewallet.
The card we are using has $2583.55 available balance.


In the video, you’ll learn about the OKX Crypto Carding Method, which allows you to card $2000 in Bitcoin in just 1 minute, provided you have all the necessary requirements ready. You’ll discover how to maximize your efficiency and gain quick cryptocurrency rewards with this technique.


  1. First, connect your proxy near the cardholder’s location and head over to OKX.COM
  2. Next, check the Pluscards balance checker. We found a balance of $2583.55—keep this number handy!
  3. Visit OKX.COM and create an account with your email and password. Make sure you’re in control.
  4. Enter the fullz phone number details (don’t worry, no notifications will be sent; the payment processor just needs to verify if it matches).
  5. Confirm the email code to finish setting up your account—opt to verify later.
  6. Head back to “buy crypto” and select “Express Buy.”
  7. Click “buy BTC.”
  8. Remember the balance from step 2? Enter it here. While we saw $2583.55, let’s be cautious and enter $2000.
  9. Input the fullz billing info accurately (address + card details).
  10. Click “continue to checkout.”
  11. Enter your Bitcoin address and click “pay now.”
  12. All done! Click the link you receive, and you’ll see your carded crypto. It’ll be spendable after one confirmation, usually taking 5-10 minutes.

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