BitPay Crypto Carding Method Video: 2024

Did you know that you can buy crypto with a stolen credit card?

In the ever-evolving world of cryptocurrency carding, acquiring Bitcoin swiftly and securely is a priority for many. As we look towards 2024, one carding method that has garnered attention is the BitPay Crypto Carding Method, particularly the Simplex version. Today we will delve into what the method entails, its benefits, and how you can utilize it to acquire Bitcoin efficiently.


BitPay Crypto Carding Method Video (simplex version)

Discover the BitPay Crypto Carding Method (Simplex payment gateway version) for acquiring Bitcoin quickly and securely. Discover the highly sought-after Bitcoin cashout carding secrets in this video..


  • Connect your proxy close to the cardholder’s location and head to
  • Click on “For Individuals” and choose the cryptocurrency you want to card. I’ll pick “Bitcoin.”
  • The Pluscards balance checker showed the preferred charge is $2269 max, so at the “I want to spend” bar, enter that amount or less. I’ll go with $2110 to ensure the payment goes through.
  • Click on “Select Payment Method” and choose “Credit Card.”
  • Click on “View Offers.”
  • Click on “Simplex” and then “Buy.”
  • Enter the credit card info that wcc or gave you. Type everything out; copying and pasting can mess up the transaction.
  • Agree to the terms and conditions, then tap the “Next” button. This takes you to the billing address page, where you enter the address information of the credit card and tap “Next.”
  • On the personal details page, enter the cardholder’s phone number. Don’t worry, they won’t get an SMS; the payment processor is just checking if it’s the same number on file to prevent carding. Luckily, we know the phone number.
  • Enter the cardholder’s date of birth. If you have a fullz cc, you should have this info.
  • Enter an email you have access to (you’ll receive a verification code here), and click on “Pay Now.”
  • Open up the email you used in the previous step and enter the verification code you received. Click on “Verify.”
  • Your payment should be approved, and you’ll get another email with the blockchain transaction ID to track it.
  • Bitpay crypto carding method completed:
    Open your bitcoin wallet, and you should see your bitcoins in no time.
bitpay crypto carding method wallet receive

And that’s the BitPay carding method! Keep checking our carding methods at Carding Secrets, and don’t forget to tell your grandchildren that you were alive when Bitcoin was trading below $1 million a coin.

Lets get these satoshi’s!

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