You Will Need the Following Tools To Card Farfetch

Here is the latest 2023 Farfetch method, one of the best designer online shopping website. If you are a fashion guy or just need to grab that latest clothing from the site, by the way most of them are f*cking expensive, I can’t believe a sneaker for $1k. that’s unafordable for most dudes but with this method, I will make you Cashout your Nonvbv Card to anything in the website. Just make sure you follow the guides well.

0. Get NONVBV Fullz card from carding wcc-plug.cm

Most sites require 2fa for cards, so make sure you select a nonvbv from wcc. Use the
following guide to buy nonvbv cc https://cardingsecrets.is/?pageid=71


 Connect your Socks 5 proxies or VPN  

Now with your Fullz info, connect your proxy or vpn as close to the location of cc holder as possible. You must be familiar with this by now. You should have done this at step 1. So am skipping this.

Create email address

Create a Hotmail Email with one or two names from Your Fullz. Don’t use funny email providers
Yahoo, Hotmail, AOL, Gmail, and any other premium like hosting email will work fine.

Find a DROP address

You will need a drop address to collect your items. Don’t use your personal address, here is a guide to create a drop address from carding secrets website https://cardingsecrets.is/?page_id=652

Register a farfetch Account

Head on to https://www.farfetch.com and Create an account. Use the email you created and the fullz info from wcc to create account
Select am new here and start filling the details from your fullz
Fill out the names and dob as of your fullz. Make sure you chose a fullz with correct info.

  • Fill out the shipping address as per your drop info and billing address

Shipping address to tell the site where your default point to collect your goods will be. Remember you are the customer and the site will do anything you want, just make sure you have the confidence to do so.
We sometimes call the site after placing the order and trying to ship to diff ship to billing and tell the site that we want to ship to a friend. When you have the right confidence, they will agree to anything you tell them, after all they want profit for their sales

Shipping addresses – Go to My account and fill the address book with your billing address, then second address will be your drop address as your alternative address. You will add this when you are about to checkout
The billing address should be your first address to trick the site to think it Is where you live and think you are the official cc owner

Find your product and add to Wishlist / favorite your best designer

You are at a new site and you want to buy your favorite sneakers, take time to browse the items, add them to Wishlist and favorite your best designers in your preferences, this will make the site believe you are true customer and know what you are doing. You can favorite brands like adidas etc. If you want to buy sneakers, try to add several alternatives that look similar just to seem like you are comparing several items of interest. Add several items of interest which you will Cashout.


Always make sure you checkout an item from Wishlist
Have all your preferred items on Wishlist

From here you will checkout the items you want and leave some
Don’t checkout all items in Wishlist, leave some for some other time
By the way, items checked out from Wishlist/favorites have higher success than just random orders


Pick an item from the Wishlist and add to bag
As always, make sure your card balance can hold the amount of the item you want to checkout
Also, make sure your card is a non-verified one
When ready, hit the checkout button

This site sells personal stuff which are not easy to resell, hence easy to card as the site will think you are just buying stuff to use.
Today, gift card sites are well secured as they knew carders buy and then resell on sites like localbitcoins and paxful. It will be hard to card such sites without proper info and method

Shipping address

You will be presented with a select a shipping address page, the default selected address will be you billing address same as cc holders address.
Select add new address and set your drop address

fill your drop address near the state of the cc holder, if you have a drop far from cc holder , your order has low chances of success.
you can always choose the cc with billing near your drop address
In wcc, you can view the billing prior to buying the cc and this will help you choose the best card

Payment option

With your cc fullz ready, fill the page below, type one by one the cc details and billing address.
Never copy paste since this will make your order be canceled just after purchase. Most payment gateways detect paste option and will flag the payment as high risk and will never process the payment no matter how good setup you have

Of course, choose the debit/credit option and continue to input values

Enter the cc billing address
and hit the save and continue.

Place your order

At this point you have done all the necessary steps and ready to checkout your items.
With everything saved, cc and drop shipping, just place your order and wait for confirmation email

Make sure it’s a US CC and NonVbV to avoid 3d verification

Depending on card balance. Play with the amount you know the card can hold. The above order I placed $400.
You should receive your items per the delivery instruction. This guide is new and was made due to requests, so make sure to ask admin on anywhere you have issues with

Send your order success screenshots to admin and let’s share ideas on our telegram page.
I am working on the following payment methods and will add them soon. They are alternative methods that work well when your default method is not accepted/ canceled

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