How to Card Bitcoin through Paybis: A Step-By-Step BTC Carding Method easy

In this guide i will be showing you How to Card Bitcoin through Paybis

Card bitcoin with credit card on Use your credit card from wcc to buy bitcoin to your user wallet dashboard and you can send to any wallet from the paybis account

Most of the success of buying bitcoins with credit card comes from the type of card used. You can only use these methods if the card is not 2fa configured. About 90% of payment gateways have 3d verification so you must find a vendor who sells nonvbv cc

Use wcc-plug for nonvbv Fullz

How to card bitcoin Requirements:

  • Requirements:
    • US phone number – You may need to enter phone number but not a must. You can just type the owner of cc phone and just change some digits so he won’t receive notifications
      or use the PLUSCARDS OTP bot or WCC OTP bot

Choose A card with Fullz

Finally choose a card with all the fields checked making sure it’s a nonvbv and got all address and names info.
This is a type of card without 2fa verification and all of the security questions we might come across will be from the Fullz details like dob

2. Visit

Select the amount of $USD to spend on buying btc. Most of the methods works with $500 or below for first time. So, we will choose $450

Click on buy bitcoin to proceed.

3. Sign up for paybis account

The next step you will be taken to sign up page fill and email address you own and generate a new password

Accept the terms and conditions and fill the captcha to proceed

Depending on the amount of crypto you want to buy, different verification procedures will be provided. Selecting amount higher than $500 will ask you for id verification. AS for my case I will only provide mobile and confirm

Confirm you are not a scam victim and click on understand

4. Verify phone number

Verify your phone number. You will have to use a phone number you can access the SMS from. This is a security procedure and you need a real US number. You can buy one from online sites for use vendors like skype or google voice

Just confirm the pin sent to the SMS and paste into the verification field for the site and you are good to go

5. Confirm purchase

Confirm the amount indicated for in the final step. Enter your Fullz information and proceed.

Click on confirm and wait for the card authorization to complete. This should not take long and just about 10 secs

Wait for the order success confirmation

You can now return to the account homepage or dashboard to track the transaction. Once you receive an email for order completion you should see your order on the account transaction page

Filter for the completed and search

Okay i just showed you how to card bitcoin through paybis, check out our other BTC carding methods, click here.

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