Now Wallet: Profitable Altcoins Carding Method

I explain how you can card your favorite altcoins (alternative coins). In this case, i make use of Now Wallet. Now Wallet is a fast and secure non-custodial crypto wallet. It supports more than 500 digital assets, including NFTs. Lets start carding your favorite altcoins and grow the bags before the next bull run hits!

What do we need?

  1. A non vbv card with fullz
  2. An new email with the CC Fullz
  3. VPN Or Proxy
  4. A PC (I use a PC for this method)
  5. Now Wallet (Pen and Paper for a backup phrase)
  6. KYC Verification for payment provider account verification

A non vbv card with fullz

It is recommended to purchase a non vbv card with fullz from reputable sources such as,, or Choosing a gold or higher-priced card increases the chance of having a higher balance on the CC. This brings in more money and increases your pocket of altcoins.
If you are unfamiliar with these websites, creating an account is a simple and free.

VPN or Proxy

Every carder wants to minimize risks during carding. It is crucial to hide your IP-address by using a VPN or proxy service. You can check the anonymity score on websites such as or

If it’s possible match the zip code and city with the location of the CC holder.

Download App

Go to

Download The Crypto Wallet Now.

Downloading takes a couple of seconds, open the file when it’s done.

Create a Wallet

Agree to the term of use and privacy policy. Click on create new wallet now.

Set up a password that gives access to the wallet.

Log in to your wallet with the password you created.

Grab your pen and paper. Click on backup and write down the secret recovery phrase. Never share these back up words!

Buy altcoins

Note: Before buying altcoins, make sure you used the balance checker from the site where you purchased your CC.

You see now the screen of your wallet and a whole list of crypto’s. Here are certainly some of your favorite altcoins. Choose which one you want to card. If you are ready click on buy/sell.

In my case, i want to card Bitcoin Cash (BCH). I enter the maximum amount that is on the balance of the card and choose BCH as crypto.
Choose the payment provider with the lowest fees. As you can see this is Guardarian.
Click on buy.


Choose Visa & Mastercard as payment method, agreed to Guardarian and click on continue.


Enter the email you have made from the fullz. The will email you an authenticate code. Open the email, copy/paste the code and confirm it.

Enter the fullz from you CC holder.

Enter the card details from your CC holder and pay.


Now we need to verify. The Complete a KYC Verification will help you with the verification part.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is image-214.png


After the payment is approved. It can take a couple of minutes until you see your carded crypto in the wallet.

Why Profitable?

Carding altcoins is like investing, you must see this as one of the biggest changes of your life! Let’s do a calculation.
I have carded Bitcoin Cash (BCH) and 1 BCH is now around a price of $230. The all time high of 1 BCH in 2017 was around $4,350. That’s a 19x from here.


I bought a Golden CC for $53 and it had a balance of $1670 on it. So i had actually already a profit of around $1600 and with all the transaction fees i still have around a $1550 left.

If BCH hits his previous top the next bull run: $1550 x 19 is $29,400 almost a 30 grand with an investment of only $53. Right now it makes carding altcoins very profitable!

Grow your crypto bags before the next bull run starts! Check the link below for more crypto carding methods:

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