This CC to CRYPTO carding method generates insane profits!

You can buy bitcoin in primexbt for a limit of $500 every time you use a new account which is not verified. This looks like a bonus for new users and you will pass this without any kyc verification. You must however use US Fullz cc without 2fa. Checkout the guide on how to buy such card from wcc

CC to CRYPTO carding method REQUIREMENTS:

  • Requirements:
    • US phone number – You may need to enter phone number but not a must. You can just type the owner of cc phone and just change some digits so he won’t receive notifications
      or use the PLUSCARDS OTP bot or WCC OTP bot

For easy carding, always use a card with all fullz info as it saves you time to get background info and speed up verification process.



1. Register and Buy Fullz from WCC-PLUG.CM

Go to and create a new account or login if you already have account
Use this direct link site:

You just need email username and password to create account

Buy Fullz

Create a unique username and password and click on register.

IF you have an account already just sign in and proceed to topup. If you already have balance Just skip and go to choosing a card to use.

Once you have your account created. Go to deposit and follow deposit guide and load up btc to your account
You will need to have crypto in your bitcoin wallet as the site only accepts crypto payment

Click on Add funds button to proceed. If you already have balance, you can skip the top-up and proceed to buying the crypto

Use the Bitcoin wallet shown on the topup page. Copy the address and send the minimum ($150) amount or more. You should send all the funds in one transaction to speed up the process.

Wait for at least one transaction confirmation and click on I have paid button

Once your transaction is confirmed. Click on I have paid button and you should be notified that your balance is added and ready for use

Buy Fullz 2

I topped up $200 from my wallet and after 2 confirmations I clicked on I have paid button. You should see a similar notification that your balance is added

Buy Fullz 3

Now your balance should read the total amount you topped up. Now we can proceed to choosing the best card for carding. Make sure you follow the guide completely if you are new to carding

Buy Fullz 4

2. Choosing your card

Go with Gold or Platinum Card for best results. Mostly go with the Gold card as this will allow us to card orders up to $1k easily as they are the majority cards users tend to use.

Choose A card with Fullz

Finally choose a card with all the fields checked making sure it’s a nonvbv and got all address and names info.
This is a type of card without 2fa verification and all of the security questions we might come across will be from the Fullz details like dob

3. Visit an sign up

Click on the link provide to primexbt and register for a new account. You should have a clean email to use for this

BTC carding method

Confirm the site URL and proceed. Use your email and generate a strong password. You can check sites like random password generator to and create strong unique passwords


You have to confirm the Pin sent to your email after creating the account. You should use an email you have access to

Click on start registration after entering the pin to proceed.

Confirm that you are from a supported country and that you are not faking your location. This is why you should use high quality proxies and make sure your time zone of your pc matches that of your Ip address


4. Deposit Crypto

Click on deposit crypto for the account homepage. You will have several options for deposit but the one we want is to buy

Choose the buy btc and not the deposit by sending to the address they offer us to send to. We will have several options to buy with

Deposit Crypto

Select the Visa/Mastercard and click on buy. There may be several service providers for the payment. Choose one offering Credit card payment.

5. Set amount and proceed

Choose $500 as the amount to pay. You can also set different amount but don’t exceed $500 to be on the safer side

cc to crypto carding method

Create a new trading account since we don’t have one yet. Just use the same email and password and click on create

This is the account that we will be buying from.

create account

Set the account type as personal. This will use our own wallet and the verification will be simple. Since its our first time and we have a welcome bonus, it will just pass easily

Verify your email. A pin will be sent to the email you used above. Copy and paste it to the verification field.


Click on continue

6. Payment options

Select Credit card as the payment option. You can also use bank log for this method. You just click on bank transfer. For now, we will use a card

From the description on the site only Visa and MasterCard are supported. So make sure the card you use is one of the two.

Confirm the amount, accept terms and proceed to payment. The crypto price will be reserved for you for 14 minutes. So, make sure you place the order withing the time or else you will have to restart again

go to payment
next steps

Accept the terms they offer and continue to the next steps

7. Enter your card information

Provide the Fullz info for the card making sure all the details match. For this order they don’t ask for more info since it’s a welcome offer.

Enter your card information

Click on reserve the bitcoin and your order should be processed.


Wait for the processing to complete. This will reserve the bitcoin and send to your wallet.

8. Order complete

This should not take long since our card is not configured for 2fa and will just pass authorization faster

8. Order complete

Once bitcoin is reserved in about 2 mins when you go to your dashboard. You will see your equivalent $USD amount in your balance

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